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Parks Canada, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, CAnada

Michel Boudrot (Boudreau) arrived in Acadia before September 21, 1639, when he is mentioned as being one of the first syndic (official law officer) in Port Royal. Although listed as a farmer in the census of 1671, we find him mentioned as the Lieutenant Gouverneur civil et criminel (magistrate) in the 1686 census. He gives up this position to Mathieu de Goutinon August 20, 1688 following a King's ruling dated March 30, 1687 stating that Michel Boudreau was too old to perform his duties. He would have been around 87 years old. Michel Boudreau passed away sometime between 1688 and the census of 1693, where his wife, Michelle Aucoin, was listed as a widow.
Around 1641, Michel Boudreau had married Michelle Aucoin (Sister of Jeanne Aucoin married to Fran├žois Girouard). Michelle is believed to have arrived in Acadia the previous year, when she was 22.